Trained in insect entomology, we investigate the “root” of insect invasions and eliminate the environments that create a comfortable habitat for any pest. Sometimes just a simple repair (foundation cracks, missing screens in chimneys, openings in eaves, wood and trim separations or gaps, cracks in windows or doors, a tear in a screen, excess clutter, built-up moisture or a leak, or other fixing other vulnerable areas) can eliminate a future problem easily. Whatever the cause, through our personalized and tailored services you will have the awareness for a future protected environment.

Kent Marsh, Founder of ACES Pest Solutions, began his vocation as a Pest Management Professional over 18 years ago. He studied at the esteemed Purdue University prior to becoming an Associate Certified Entomologist and Professional Bed Bug Consultant. His experience in the field has proven invaluable to all that have the opportunity to hear him speak or utilize his services.

The key strategy behind ACES Pest Solutions is people need more than just control – they need workable solutions.

Kent and his solution has been the subject of featured articles such as LP Gas Magazine He’s been featured on FOX4 News in St. Louis as well as interviews with KRCG Radio regarding the growing concerns with bed bugs across our nation.

Because of Kent’s extensive background and proven bed bug solutions, he is a Technical Director and Service Consultant for the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA) members.


Kent has received extensive training in the history, biology, nature and management of bed bugs. In addition, is equally passionate about public awareness. He often speaks and provides bed bug educational training for community and environmental health departments, hotels, housing groups and other organizations regarding pivotal problems with bed bugs.

As a bed bug consultant, he’s been interviewed many times on the growing concern of bed bugs within the hospitality industry. Kent’s bed bug training for hotels and businesses are well received by many as he dispels the myths and builds bed bug confidence with training and documentation.

Using his extensive bed bug experience, he spearheaded his Bed SafeTM program to help the hospitality industry with their never-ending, always reoccurring, bed bug problems. Kent proudly boasts a 100% success rate eradicating bed bugs combined with a proactive approach to infestations keeping hotels out of the news, off the internet and especially – out of the courts.

Kent is determined and dedicated to help educate and bring awareness to the public regarding bed bugs and continues to lead in the fight with his four-prong approach …


It’s no secret—Kent is not your average or typical exterminator, he’s here for the long run and here to help. He prides himself on providing invaluable, comprehensive solutions to pest management needs of today. In today’s economy, he believes that his customers need to know that they are truly being protected for the money they are spending.

Aces Mission/Vision Statement

Our Mission

  • Build, maintain and preserve reliable treatment solutions, cause no harm, and add new hope for our customers while protecting the environment.

Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to be Missouri’s most respected pest service brand by offering our customers the best possible service, quality and value.

Aces Core Values & Pledge

  • Honesty, Trust and Respect


  • We will always be honest and keep our commitments. You can trust our word; it is our promise to you. We give both our customers and our employees the respect and care they deserve.


  • Integral


  • We treat everyone with integrity. We do what we say even if no one is looking


  • Accountable


  • We’ll work hard, deliver a solution, communicate openly and always make sure you’re taken care of.


  • Quality Performance


  • We’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need. We do it right the first time, on time, every time.


  • Customer Satisfaction


We are a solution company. We are here to educate you, keep you informed and make your needs our top priority!